Saturday, July 24, 2010

Build an addition to my garage in which I can house the offices for Shapato Publishing.

Build an addition to my garage in which I can house the offices for Shapato Publishing.: "In 2008 I started Shapato Publishing as a home-based business. In 2008 SP published 2 titles; in 2009 we published 4 titles; in 2010 SP has already published 6 titls with at least 7 more to come before the end of the year. SP has published two popular anthologies about the Midwest by various authors, with another scheduled for later this year.

Shapato Publishing is not a subsidy publisher. We never charge our authors a fee for the work done to bring their books to print, and they are paid royalties on each book sold. I do the formatting, design, layout and editing without charging the authors for this additional work. I do outsource proofreading and some formatting.

As the business has grown, so has the space it takes up. We have boxes of books in our home office, in a room in the basement and in the garage; as well as 3 computers set up in various places.

My plan is to build an addition to the garage (with electric heat and air) in which to store inventory, and set up our office so everything is in one place.

Any amount to add to our building fund would be greatly appreciated, and would bring us a step closer to our goal of having and official Shapato Publishing site.

Jean Tennant"

I found Jean via the internet and thought I would try and help get more votes for her to hopefully help her win the contest! Please go to her site and vote today! thank you!

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